Friday, 21 November 2014

Industrial Training Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is all about designing, building, installing, maintaining and troubleshooting machines of all sizes and types. And mechanical engineers most likely assume entry-level jobs in the areas of

Tool designing
Machine shop operations
Computer numerical control programming
Equipment designing, building and testing
Facilities planning and scheduling
Plant expansion and layout planning
Quality control systems development
Job safety programs preparation
Manuals preparation
Material selection for machine/tool building
Machine troubleshooting
Machine installation
Performance evaluation of machines
Customer services
Technical sales

We at ThinkNEXT Technologies in Chandigarh, Mohali prepared our Industrial Training Mechanical Engineering students to develop solutions, resolve problems, and ensure smooth operations in a variety of settings. They may be associated with companies in diverse industries, including but not limited to, mechanical, oil and gas, automobile, biomedical, nuclear, energy, aeronautical, marine, aerospace, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, electronics, metals, defence, construction and utilities.

Mechanical engineering in considered to be the most diverse among all engineering disciplines. This is why mechanical engineers can find employment in diverse industrial sectors. For the past few years the professionals have been enjoying an explosion of expanded opportunities. The reason is that the companies became more automated and dependent on computer control machines. This broadened the career prospects for mechanical engineers.

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